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DashRadio Bot is the best, easiest, and simplest music bot for Discord.


All Sounds go!


Premium Stations


DJs, artists, and hosts

Always On

24/7 With No Commercials

Easy to Use

Simple integration and ease of use

About Dash Radio

Dash Radio’s all original ad-free curated stations have everything you need to easily set any mood in your Discord Server while offering your community the best and quickest music experience. With a community of over 450+ personalities across 80+ stations featuring the biggest DJs and artists, Dash is the largest all-original premium digital audio broadcast platform in the world. 

With no need to sign- up for an account or tediously put together a playlist and repeatedly queue up songs, simply choose a station that fits your mood and begin to start listening- the music is live and always on. 

DashRadio Bot Genre Offerings:

Hip-Hop | R&B | Pop | Decade | World | Rock | Latin | Country | Electronic/Dance |Talk | Jazz & Classical | Faith & Gospel | Health & Wellness | Plus Seasonal Pop-Up Stations

Sample Stations:

Insomniac Radio, Snoop Dogg’s Cadillacc Music and DoggyStyle, YG Presents, Monstercat Radio, and many more.

What does DashRadio Bot do?

The DashRadio Bot gives you free music non-stop without ever having to create a playlist. Select any station (choose from over 80+ premium stations) or browse genres, and instantly play Dash Radio’s hand curated stations on command in your server’s voice channel(s).  DashRadio bot now supports Discords Stage Channel feature and Slash commands

Add the DashRadio Bot now!

Add DashRadio Bot to your server by clicking the button below:

How to Enable/Disable the DashRadio Bot

 First, join your server’s voice channel, then jump into the associated text channel to control the DashRadio Bot with the commands listed below.

 If you switch from one voice channel to another in the same server and send a command to the DashRadio Bot, it will leave the previous channel and play in the current voice channel.

Command List:

• Play (defaults to the most recently played station)
@DashRadio play

• Play a specific station
/play <station name | number>
@DashRadio play <station name | number>
!play <station name | number>

• Play a random station
@DashRadio shuffle

• Stop playback
@DashRadio stop

• Get a list of our featured stations
@DashRadio featured

/prefix <desired prefix>
@DashRadio settings prefix
!settings prefix

 Adjust the volume
/volume <0-100>
@DashRadio settings volume <0-100>
!settings volume <0-100>, e.g. !settings volume 50

 Get a list of available genres
@DashRadio genres

• Get a list of available stations in a genre
/list <genre>
@DashRadio list <genre>
!<genre> E.g. !pop

• Find out what song is now paying and get lyrics (shows the current song, artist and station)
@dashradio Np

• Listen on our app/website
@DashRadio app

• Command list
@DashRadio help

Designate a DJ

Create a custom DJ Role that allows designated member(s) of your server to exclusively control the station controls including changing the station and volume of the bot within the voice channel.

1)  Create a role, as described here
2)  Add the members who should be allowed to DJ to your role, as described here
3)  Enable DJOnly Mode: To activate /djrole <on | off>, !settings djrole on <role name>
4)  Disable DJOnly Mode: To deactivate, write this command:  /djrole <on | off>, !settings djrole <on | off>

Server Permissions Required for DashRadio Bot

  • For DashRadio Bot to ideally function, be sure to allow the following permissions from your server’s Role menu:
    Read Text Channels & See Voice Channels
    Text permissions: send permissions, Send TTS messages
    Embed Links
    Attach Files
    Read Message History
    Mention @everyone @here and all roles
    Use external emojis
    Add reactions
    Voice Permissions: connect & speak

DashRadio Bot Preview


Full Station List



Electronic & Dance

Faith & Gospel

Health & Wellness

Hip-Hop Stations

Jazz & Classical








• Can I skip a song?

In short, no. Dash Radio’s stations are live radio stations with hand-picked curated songs and shows that don’t allow for skipping a specific song. If you would like to change songs, we recommend you switch over to another Dash Radio station for a new vibe.

• What is the difference between DashRadio Bot and other music bots or services?

Dash Radio’s 80+ stations are curated by world class DJ’s, superstar guest hosts, and top personalities in every genre. Unlike other services, you don’t need to search for a song or build a playlist- simply select a station in the genre or mood you’re feeling and instantly set the vibe. Discover new music you don’t know and reminisce on songs you had forgotten about, just like listening to the radio (except without all those annoying ads, Dash is 100% commercial-free). Using Dash Radio does not require signing in and is available to users for  free!

• What is the Dash Radio Discord Server for?

Dash Radio is part of a growing and diverse music community! We boast our over 450+ hosts and shows and Dash Radio’s Discord server is the place our hosts, artists, guests, curators, listeners and friends connect and collaborate. 

o See info on the latest new Dash Radio features and announcements
o Catch up on music and industry news
o Join creator conversations
o Discover and share new music 
o Weigh in on music related debates and trivia
o Submit music for feedback

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